Happy birthday

6 Easy Tips for Awesome Birthday Photography

Birthday parties are always great fun. You never want the fun to be over and would like to capture the memories, so that you can treasure those amazing moments for a long time. If it’s your child’s first birthday, or your better half’s special day, or even be a surprise birthday party of your family or friends, you’ll definitely want them pictured in your albums.

If you’re into event photography then you would have known that birthday photographers Melbourne are the most sought after ones by anyone who want to capture their special birthday moments. If you’re about to start your own birthday photography venture, then here are a few tips that could help you capture some of the amazing moments on one’s birthday:

  1. Capture almost everything possible

This is a great idea to get good pictures, especially in case of birthday events. People at parties and events always move around and things get lively and funny in there. You can’t simply take a few planned pictures and come up with good number of photographs. Simply capture every possible thing, people, and fun happening around you. You can then choose the best pictures from this lot.

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  1. Take pictures of stunning things from a high angle

How high? Just enough for you to capture the essence of the thing in front of you. Get on a chair if needed and try different angles to photograph those awesome presents, delicious and colorful looking food, or even the massive birthday cake. This is a great idea to make your shoot stand out from the masses and this will also give a different perspective to your photographs.

  1. Don’t miss out the candle blowing part

Often times, people dim the light or even completely witch it off when it comes to the candle blowing part. Try to adjust the mode and settings in your camera so that you don’t miss out the important candle blowing part. Try to capture the dimmed ambient light and the amazing activity in a great way.

  1. Remember to capture those crazy guests

It’s not always about the birthday bird; remember to capture those guests too. The guests are the people who are going to make the event lively and often plan some surprises or fun activities for the event. Try to capture them and keep it candid to add to the joy in it.

  1. Get some close ups as well

This is the most important thing when it comes to birthday photographs. If you seek for birthday photography Melbourne, you must always make sure if they are going to give you some close up shots. Close up shots will capture the pure emotion and joy of every person.

  1. Candid shoots can really come up great

Candid pictures will naturally project the joy and happiness of the party. Planned photographs will not always turn out to be good. But a few candid shoots can fill that void and give you some amazing pictures worth putting in display.