One of the most popular ways to watch telly is with the Kodi boxes

One of the most popular ways to watch telly is with the Kodi boxes

Today’s technology has made its name and letting people live-stream content from apps and also the on-demand services, but its potential of illegally stream paid-content has placed it in the firing line of copyright defenders.So the question arises that what is a kodi box exactly, and will you get fined for utilizing the one?

What is a Kodi box?

Kodi, which was formerly well known as XBMC, is a free as well as open source media player application for playing various kinds of videos, music, pictures, games, and any other type of the content.

A , which is well advertised for its Plug and Play capacity, is essentially a kind of the set-top box or a HDMI stick with the software pre-installed on it.

Therefore, it allows people to stream shows as well as watch them on any kind of the platform which includes a computer, smartphone, tablet or a set-top box.

Kodi box

Are Kodi boxes legal to use in the UK?

Kodi boxes are also legal. Users are as well able to buy a box and then watch free content.However, it becomes way illegal when a box is utilized to stream subscription channels for free.Some of the boxes are being modified in order to access these paid content channels utilizing the third party plug-ins, illegally allowing different kinds of people to watch the shows for free. It is very much illegal in order to purchase these types of the modified devices which have become well known as “fully-loaded” – a basic term that very well describes how the software has been altered in order to allow access to subscription-only channels.

What has a European court ruled on the uses of Kodi boxes?

Selling any type of device which has been “fully loaded” in order to allow different people to watch pirate films or any sports events is illegal, the highest court in Europe has ruled out. Anyone selling aany box which is intended to be utilised to infringe copyright will be treated as if they have infringed copyright by themselves, and could then be put behind bars. It is very much believed that streaming material instead of downloading indicates that you aren’t infringing copyright, but in this case the European Court said there was not any kind of the difference between the two.

Will you get fined for utilising a Kodi box? What are the penalties for its misuse?

The Digital Economy Bill, which was made law on the day of April 27, increased the punishment for those people utilizing the boxes for any illegal means.While there are many kinds of the already many of the penalties for those kind of the people those are selling on Kodi boxes pre-loaded with the third party plug-ins, those who found to be breaking the new law now face 10 years behind bars as punishment up from two years.The federation against any kind of the copyright theft has since warned that anyone found to be utilizing the software illegally could be investigated.