Essentials to consider while buying a DJ headphone

Essentials to consider while buying a DJ headphone

Disc Jockey is a career option that is at present creating a buzz in the music business. High-quality DJ specific headphones are one of the major accessories if you are planning to go ahead with this profession on a full-time basis. There are a few basic reasons as to why a DJ uses a headphone. Proper cueing. Noise obstruction from the audience, the fashion statement is some of the known reasons of a DJ using a headphone. Now, if one is truly serious to take this up as a profession one must consider the best DJ headphones that are available in the market.

The next step is to identify the key features that sum up to becoming the best headphone option to be settled by a DJ. The primary variables that must be taken into serious consideration are the technology and the kind of headphone. It is taken for granted that if you are taking it up as a profession you are sure to be well acquainted with the various terminologies that are associated with a DJ headphone.

Before taking the final call on which headphone would be the best to buy for DJing purposes do consider the following variables. They will be helpful in drawing logical comparisons to conclusively buy the best of the lot.

Lightweight and comfortable headphones

The total show time of a DJ performer goes on for long hours. So, in that case, it is very important that one does not have to carry something bulky over the head or around the neck. The headphone must be comfortable and the ear pads must not be much pressure on the ear.

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Closed back is best for cueing

In order to keep all the crowd noise as far as possible while performing one should look at closed back as one of the best DJ headphones qualities. It is mainly required for cueing up tracks one after the other. This feature prevents the background disturbances from entering the ear tract.

Loud Headphone

The venues at which DJ performances occur are generally noisy. Back at home a headphone that renders good enough sound will surely not suffice is a noisy club space. Here, always go for the ones that over sound clarity even at high volumes.

Ensure Durability

Considering the kind of profession, the headphones of a DJ suffers a hectic lifetime as a part of a professional hazard. Thus, the build of the one that you chose must be strong enough to sustain.

The Mixing position

It is a common fact that most of the DJ’s have the habit of using the headphone in just one ear. This on and off stance is pretty basic. So, keep your stance in mind while purchasing your best pair.

High Portability Factor

The DJ profession requires constant moving from one place to another in a day. So a headphone pair that can be folded and is portable is always a help. The headphone must be well fitting according to your convenience.

So, follow these basic tips and enjoy your DJ headphone shopping experience.