Jonathan Statham- Career Top Movies

Jonathan Statham a famous name known to people who love action films. He is a versatile actor, perfectly suits for different shades of the characters. He is multi-talented person with skills of martial arts, acting and diving. He became for his roles in the films like Guy Ritchie, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, snatch, etc. he is also well-known actor for the action-packed pictures like transporter, death race, etc. Learning from his mistakes is his victory pointed, he earned so positive talks from the film critics and created unique, stylish acting way to transporter movies. Let’s check few best films from his career on sites like Rainiertamayo or Anilinkz.


The film about a boxer and stolen diamond recovery. Turkish is a boxer who doesn’t have license to promote the boxing. He involved in a big time criminal and gets into trouble, so he wants to arrange him a fight and fix it. At same time diamond goes missing at the person who had to receive it arranges a team. These two stories collide with each other at some point with twists in it. The story continues with more twists and turns.

The Bank Job

This movie based on true biggest bank robbery in British history. A business person whose business is pretty dull meets a woman who brings him a chance to earn money with her plan. The plan explained to him was to rob a bank when the alarm goes off, but the true aim of the robbery is another. The women’s main aim of this robbery plan was to break into a strong vault which contains classified photos of the royal person. So, what will happen next??

Death Race

Death race is a series of movies, which gained so much talk after the release because of action packed inside the film was so awesome. The story on film is the criminals in a special jail has to participate in a race which has so much death, causing series of obstacles and they have to fight with each to reach the destination in first. The person who wins the race will claim their freedom.


The Expendables are a team of specially trained and professionally skilled persons who recently completed a mission successfully invited by the Mr.Church. They have a new mission, to kill the corrupt General of Gaza, who is the dictator of the vilena island in the Gulf Mexico. Later on, some important thing revealed about the Mr. Church and they have decided what they have to next??

Top Qualities of the Best Wedding Photographer

Hiring a photographer for weddings is a daunting task for each crew wears several hats. There are things to consider such as the talent, budget, and work ethics to get the job done. It is also important to have a good interaction with the photographer for the best image quality. A very good vibe around the set is vital, hire a photographer with a good total experience. The skilled service provider just knows how to keep a healthy atmosphere not to feel awkward. In short, the attitude is one of the key factors for an excellent image. But, skill is a must, hire only those who understand your particular needs. Here are some qualities you should look for the best wedding photographer. 

Picture Quality and Style 

The very first thing you should look for is the photographer’s portfolio. This would tell the quality of their past works and if it captures your attention. Get a photographer that offer a variety of styles for your wedding images. Make sure to tap the professionals that capture the personalities of the bride and groom. It is important that your wedding photos showcase the happiness and fun of that day. So, be clear on what style you want to get and make sure your photographer can handle it all. This is why checking their portfolio helps to figure out what they can cater to and what not.

Ask to view some images or their past works to check the quality and if it shows consistency. Each photographer has different editing techniques, consider their work themes as well. You can check this out within their photography portfolio and see how excellent they are. In short, go over their work experiences to see how well they are in their field of specialty.

Work Experience

Wedding and special occasion photographer capture those happy moments in a day. Their experience as a photographer plays a large part in the structure of your wedding. It helps if you hire those that are popular and top-rated in their field. There are many photographers today but, not all offer excellent image quality. Photography plays a big part in your wedding day, make sure a photographer has experiences on it. They should be able to perform under constant pressure to not miss the details in your wedding. This ability is important and not all have it, so be skeptical in your decisions.

Cost-Effective Service

Hiring a wedding photographer can be costly depending on the service packages. For what it is worth to pay is excellent work. You need to ensure to pay to have the best. Thus, get only those with a good deal and a photographer who has been in the industry for years. Find someone that you can trust to get it right, perfection comes with years experience. The mood of the photographer and his ethics on work will affect your wedding photographs. So set everything through with your photographer. If possible, ask for a pre-wedding shoot to help you both gauge the style and images you want.

Uses the Latest Technology

And for the bonus quality of the best wedding photographer is the one that keeps up with technology. A good photographer that uses the latest end of technology knows the new color science. The new light sensitivities techniques pose a great impact on image quality. This is why it is an advantage to hire those who stay up-to-date with new developments in the industry. There will be professional and smart cameras to capture high-quality images. Opt for the best and excellent work.

Make Movie Magic in Thailand

Few art forms today can be said to be quite as universal as film. No matter who you are and where you live, you can bet on your location being part of the fast-growing filmmaking tradition.

After all, film can have a powerful influence on the way in which we view certain places and groups. Unless you’ve grown up in Southern California – and even if you have – it can be hard to imagine LA and Hollywood as anything but the filmmaking dream machine Classic Hollywood made it out to be. Think of France and Italy, and your ideas of the regions are likely to be shaped in part by the image of modern chicness conveyed by the likes of Fellini, Antonioni, Truffaut, Mastroianni, Deneuve, Bardot, and the other heavy hitters of New Wave Cinema. Mention Indian cinema to the average moviegoer, and it’s almost impossible for them not to immediately think of Bollywood.

Bangkok is carving out quite a name for itself, as well, in the burgeoning Asian film scene today.

Pre-Production Services

Before you call “Lights, camera, action!” for the first time, you need to make sure that you have all of the pieces in place to make some movie magic. That means building sets, getting film permits, acquiring the necessary props, making costumes, and so much more. Of course, none of that work will get done on its own, which is why you’ll want to turn to the best production service in Thailand. As one of the best pre-production studios in Asia, they’ll be able to help you get all of the necessary items in place, allowing you to focus on the filmmaking process itself.

Production Services

Once you have done all of that, it’s time to start shooting. Here again, the best production team in Thailand can be of immense help. They can ensure that you are shooting with the best cameras and sound equipment available in the country. What’s more, they can make sure that the cameras and film stock that you are using is compatible with any equivalents that you may purchase or make use of while in Thailand.

Legal Assistance

When shooting in a foreign country, it’s always a good idea to have a team of legal advisors on hand. The best production house in Thailand offers legal assistance for film crews looking to shoot in Thailand. They can help ensure that you stay on the right side of the law, secure shooting permits, and get distribution rights. Moreover, they will work with you to determine the best way to release your film internationally.

Experience on Your Side

Last but not least, when hiring on crew members to work on your film, you are naturally going to want to make sure that you’re working with experts whom you can trust. Thankfully, the best production service operating in Bangkok and across Thailand is proud to be able to point to decades of combined experience between crew members.

Make films in Thailand the right way with the help of the country’s best film production team.

Four Trends For Grooms He Will Actually Want To Wear

The basic fact is that groom’s attire should corelate with the bride’s wedding costume in design and color. Every groom conceptualizes himself as the dream man for the bride. For this he wants to look the most handsome man of the day. However, the inclination of the people around the groom put the spotlight on the bride and groom’s attire is considered as boring. Things have changed now the present-day groom’s analysis and practice trend-based dresses for the wedding day. Charming and sophisticated fashion-conscious boys are catching up with fashion trends through unconventional avenues. Differently styled their wedding dress looks debonair. The choice is between ready-to-wear, designer dress or personalized tailored attire.

In Indian scenario sherwani’s and kurta’s look refreshing are in vogue.  The opulence of brocades, prints and embroidery brings out the handsomeness of the groom. Gross texture brings out the majestic appeal of the garment. A scaly or contrasting inner lining or front open jacket sherwani or kurta is the refreshing recent bearing.  The addition of different offbeat pastel colors makes the outfit impressive. This attire is incomplete without discrete floral safa which also comes in geometric shape and a coordinating pocket square.  The whole attire makes good presentation. Crazy bright colors on safa look appealing. The alluring accessories like lapel pins and brooches added to the smartness of the clothing.  Attractive sherwani metal as well embellished buttons appeal. Some prefer to dress up in Pathani coat.


Suits and tuxedo are also preferred as wedding dress. It makes the groom look handsome. Slim fit suit is a tailoring style. The coat is accompanied with muscle-fit shirts. The color range is electrifying. In metros the suit can be hired or purchased. The online ordering service will help grooms living in smaller towns. The brides brighten up when they get a glance of their husband all suited and booted at the aisle. These are within budget. The suit goes well with a matching tie. The whole dress is sleek as well as sensuous.  Accompaniment of light jacket is arousing. These can even be worn in summer months.

There are cosmopolitan and cultured complexes as wedding venues in Gurgaon. Incorporated in it are hotels, banquet halls, lawns, gardens, palaces and farmhouses. A wedding is a luxury experience here in the spacious surrounding. The calmness and tranquillity make the functions a memorable one.  It looks like a cinematic affair. Book well in advance to avoid disappointment. The theme of the marriage goes with the attire of the couple’s dress.

Navy blue or royal blue in dull or bright shade is never out of fashion color as groom’s attire. It is prototypal, chic, and timeless. The color is associated with youthfulness. It goes with several color ties including yellow.

Checks are also in vogue. It looks relaxed, bright and striking. The is available in different thickness so goes in all seasons. It can be a checked linen or tweed. A lot of patterns and hues are available in this range. A waistcoat goes well with it.

Reasons to look for a Scholarship

When compared to the olden days, as the days progress, the people understand the importance of scholarships, and they are highly interested in studies and parents also encourages their children to continue their studies as they wish. Unfortunately, due to some of the reasons, there are not enough funds or financial assistance to continue such higher studies. Therefore, as an option, they look for the availability of scholarships, and here are some of the reasons for people to ask for a scholarship.

Huge Fees

The fee for any course is not less; there is a steady increase in the fees for education in school and in college. It’s found that every year, at least 5% of the cost in the overall fee is increased, especially for international students. As people understood the importance of studies and everyone wishes to educate their children, a scholarship becomes more important.

The loan rate is rising

A recent survey says that 56 to 58% of families in the urban areas are engaged in loans for the higher education of their children. As a result, that loan rate is also growing high, and this becomes an important reason for looking for a scholarship for higher education.

Studies in abroad

Nowadays, students wish to pursue their education aboard because of various reasons. On the other hand, the cost of studies abroad is not a low budget. When you apply for a course in the reputed and prestigious college, the fees can be exorbitant. Additional expenses are also too high; to meet these needs, one great option is looking for a scholarship. For example, when you’re looking for the course in music, you can look for music scholarships opportunities in Texas to study in the region of Texas.

Standard of living                                                                                                     

A family’s expense will not only stop with the expenses related to studies, but there are also some other expenses for basic needs like food, shelter, and clothing. In recent times, all the expenses are found to be high, and the income of the family is matching that of the expense. Therefore, when people spend their money in their basic needs, there arises a shortage in need for the expense of their studies. This again rises in need for the scholarship.

Appreciation and respect

Sometimes, you will have a scholarship as an appreciation, and this will be the source of respect given by others on your work like for scoring more marks. You may take advantage of this and make use of the money to pursue higher education.

When you need a scholarship, you may look for some government and private organizations that provide scholarships or you may look for some exams that are conducted to provide scholarships or you may also look for colleges that offer scholarship as the result of merit and the marks you have scored in previous exams. When you look for music scholarship opportunities in Texas, you need to know the colleges and the other details to get a scholarship in Texas.

Here’s why you should play music online

Do you have data on your phone and need to lift your spirits? You could play songs online for an instant stress buster.

Numerous studies and research papers have established the link between music and human emotions. Whatever music you listen to triggers some sort of emotion in you, be it elation or sadness. Music has the capacity to go deep into your soul and bring tears to your eyes, or make you break into a dance, or even get into a really dreamy, romantic state.

But you cannot always cart your music player and CDs along – and what is this, 1999? In the digital age, it is much more practical and trendier to play songs online than to record them on disks or record them on your computer. Just tap on a music streaming app and start online song playing, wherever you may be. It’s called online streaming, and it’s the millennium’s most practical solution in terms of having portable music.

What is online song playing?

  • Playing songs online, or online music streaming is a process wherein you play audio files on your phone without downloading these files.
  • This stream is allowed with the help of an interface provided by a good online streaming app. You can pick and stream the music files on your phone whenever you want, i.e. in real time. The music is transferred to your phone or digital device in the form of small ‘packets’ of data.
  • The online music streaming app has a variety of songs spread across time frame and genres. You can pick your favourites after browsing through the selection, tapping on it to start replay and listen to the songs of your choice.
  • All you need is a phone, sufficient data or access to Wi-Fi/broadband, and good sound output (via the phone’s speaker or headphones).
  • Download a good music streaming app on your phone to get started. Most apps are free to use, while others might charge a nominal monthly subscription fee for music that is available exclusively on their platform.

Why online streaming is a really good idea

When you play songs online, you don’t need to save them on your phone or download them on any device. You can just plug and play the app, and listen to online songs whenever you want. All you need is a working Internet connection and good amounts of data on your phone.

You can replay the same songs over and over on loop. It is always better to do online song playing on your phone because there is not much needed by way of sound input and output paraphernalia. Whereas when you play music on your computer, your computer requires a working sound card, sound software (like iTunes or Windows 10 Music Player), and speakers.

Just ensure that your network connectivity is spot on – if the network is patchy, then the stream will stop midway and buffering will discontinue. This hampers the listening experience.