Who invented the wrap dress?

It is difficult to imagine a world without the wrap dress. This versatile, day-to-night style of dress has become a staple in the wardrobes of millions of people across the world, but there was a time when dreamy wrap dresses simply didn’t exist.

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Diane von Furstenberg Has Transformed the Wardrobes of Millions

Legendary designer, Diane von Furstenberg invented the wrap dress in 1974 shortly after she arrived in New York City equipped with a small financial investment that would ultimately help her to become one of the most recognisable fashion icons at the age of just 28.

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It has now been more than four decades since the birth of the very first wrap dress, which was carefully crafted from a gentle jersey material that effortlessly clung in all the right places to every body type. The wrap dress has now been immortalised in the world renowned Metropolitan Museum of Art, so we think it is worth taking a closer look at one of fashion’s most ground-breaking designs.

The Wrap Dress Wasn’t an Overnight Sensation

Sometimes the most iconic things need a bit of time to take off, but Diane von Furstenberg refused to give up and it wasn’t long before she received the positive recognition her innovative creativity really deserved.

Embracing Natural Beauty

The wrap dress was one of fashion’s first truly size inclusive pieces, with a unique ability to emphasise the natural beauty of all body types. From work appropriate styles to elegant wedding guest dresses, the wrap dress looks sensational when dressed up with heels or down with a cross body bag and sandals. If your upcoming social calendar is overflowing with special occasions, find a range of fashionable wedding guest dresses online at AX Paris, including a selection of iconic wrap styles.

The Wrap Dress and Feminine Empowerment

As soon as Diane von Furstenberg knew that she was about to become a wife, she decided that what she really wanted was a career of her own and a sense of independence. She created the wrap dress for those who wanted to look beautiful for themselves, and not for the approval of anyone else.

Furstenberg strongly believes that the most important relationship we will ever have is with ourselves and she has never stopped seeking to inspire others to pursue their dreams and to never take “no” for an answer.