Avoid These Common Mistakes For Your Wedding

Weddings can be a big blunder if you don’t take care of every aspect precisely. Even though it is your Wedding Musicians & Artists who pick the tracks and playtime for the songs, but there are some things that you can do to make sure that your guests don’t regret coming to the wedding. So, here is a list of common mistakes that you need to avoid in order to make sure that your special day is also memorable for others.

1: Play The Songs That’s Guests Would like to Hear:

It’s obvious that every guest that you have at your wedding is the ones you already know. Therefore, it will be better if the bride and groom finalize the playlist that will entertain the guests while they attend the wedding. The wedding theme and party reflect your taste and music throw light at them. Therefore, you need to pick the music that your guest would like to hear.

As the night goes on, everyone feels tired by the end and it is music that brings back the energy. So, play your jam smartly and pick the songs that make everybody dance on the beats.

2: Never Switch From One Genre To Another Abruptly:

Just think like this that you are dancing on one song and the DJ changes the song abruptly. It will make you angry as your flow gets disturbed. What if this happens to the bride and groom as they haven’t selected the song they are going to dance on? It will feel awkward and embarrassing for both of them. That’s why it is recommended to find a DJ who knows how to read the crowd and make them dance on his/her beats.

play Acoustic music for Weddings

3: Don’t Stick To One Genre:

Change is a must at parties. If you stick to the same genre throughout the night, people will only get bored. The key to change the songs is to know how to make the transition from one genre to another. Your guests will be of all age groups and if you stick to the same thing, one of the age groups will feel left out. So, don’t make this mistake and suggest some cross-generation hits to keep everyone in action.

4: Decide Your Play & Do Not Play List:

Sit down with your partner and make a list of the songs that either you or your partner like or dislike. The ones you like will be the common songs that will overwhelm you during the ceremony. The ones you dislike will be banned from your wedding completely.

5: Consider Lyrics of the Songs Too:

When you play Acoustic music for Weddings and Corporate events professionally, you get the chance to experience some very awkward and inappropriate moments of other’s life. So, before you put a song on your wedding playlist, listen to the lyrics as weddings are a family event.

Knowing what to play and when to play is something Tillee Music Artists are expert at. Don’t forget to give the job to someone who knows how to handle the crowd.

Spielberg and The Films: Influences

While the fourth installment of the dinosaurs’ series breaks all records at the global box office and that The Teens Sea, birth certificate of the blockbuster, celebrates its 40th birthday, the influence of the American filmmaker is more than ever present.

The 2015 Bash

In 2015, Steven Spielberg is everywhere. Jurassic World, the fourth installment of the series initiated in 1993, has been leading the global box office since its release on June 10. A remake of one of his 1980s productions, Poltergeist, was released on June 24th. Several “reboots” projects or suites of his films and cult productions (Indiana Jones, The Goonies, Gremlins) are in preparation. The teeth of the sea, birth certificate of the blockbuster, celebrated its fortieth anniversary on June 20th. Back to the Future, another flagship production of 1985, will celebrate its 30th anniversary on July 3rd. You can watch movies online for free of Spielberg now.

  • Throughout his career, Steven Spielberg has created fashions and revived genres considered obsolete. He draws as much from the 1950s adventure cinema as from Victor Fleming’s films or Harvey Kurtzman’s stories in the satirical magazine Mad . Populated by ghosts, extraterrestrials, sharks and even dinosaurs, this work reenacts the world and invites new generations of spectators to rediscover the great adventure. His positive heroes gradually replaced the anti-heroes of protest cinema in the late 1960s.

The Present Day Influence

Nowadays, J.J. Abrams, Christopher Nolan, Brad Bird, James Gunn and Gareth Edwards took over. By engaging Chris Pratt and Paul Rudd, Marvel has taken Spielberg’s idea of ​​placing an unexpected actor in this type of production at the center of a blockbuster. In the late 1970s, Richard Dreyfuss became a hero in spite of himself in The Teeth of the Sea and Encounters of the Third Kind.

  • Some of the filmmaker’s narration techniques can be found in Nolan and Abrams, including the famous lights reflections. For Godzilla, Gareth Evans was inspired by the Teeth of the Sea to show the creature as little as possible on the screen. Another point in common with Steven Spielberg’s work is the analysis of parent-child relationships through the prism of science fiction.
  • But among the films directed by Steven Spielberg, one in particular has influenced this generation of filmmakers. Against all odds, it is not about the Teeth of the sea, nor of ET , nor of Indiana Jones , but of Encounters of the third type .

In Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar and Brad Bird’s Tomorrowland, the influence of Encounters of the Third Kind is evident. The director of Inception told Empire magazine that he wanted to rediscover the tone of Spielberg’s first productions: “It’s not just an action film or a thriller. Interstellar is in the continuity of the blockbusters of my childhood. Many of them were made by Spielberg,I really wanted to findthe spirit of films like Encounters of the Third Type and the Teeth of the Sea “.

In Goonies, Spielberg showed that everyone could be Tom Saywer that adventure was within everyone’s reach. With Interstellar, and Tomorrowland , Christopher Nolan and Brad Bird are trying to reintroduce the notions of exploration and wonder in the blockbuster. And as in Encounters of the third type, the main characters are skewed, obsessed by a fixed idea, in search of a lost world.

Best Venue to Host Your Wedding In Texas

Best Venue to Host Your Wedding In Texas

Weddings are very important celebrations and must be organized in such a way to leave a lasting memory on everyone that attend the wedding ceremony and on the couple.  Things even get better if you host the event at Texas hill country wedding venue. The three most important days in the life of a man are the day he was born, the day he gets wedded and the day he dies.  Among these three most important days, you will only be actively involved in your wedding day. Consequently, you should make the most of this day so that the memory can remain green and impressive for many years to come.    One of the ways to make your wedding ceremony a memorable event is to host it at a top-notch wedding venue.

Perfect wedding host venue

Paniolo Ranch can provide you with that premier Texas hill country wedding venue where you can host your wedding in complete peace of mind and end up with one of the most memorable wedding experiences. There is no better way to transform your wedding to a fairytale than by hosting the wedding event at this venue.  You will never regret hosting your wedding guest here.

Texas hill country wedding venue

Take a tour ahead

Before the day of the wedding or even before you make up your mind about the venue for the wedding, you can come over to the Texas hill country wedding venue to make enquiry and also take a tour. This will give you an idea of what this wedding venue has to offer and you can then decide if there are adequate facilities on ground to host that wedding event. Be rest assured, however, that you will not be disappointed by the facilities available here.  They can serve you perfectly so that you can host your wedding event without any hitch whatsoever.

You can easily schedule a tour of the Texas hill country wedding venue from the website. All you have to do is to fill a short form provided on the website; you can also give the customer care agents a call via their phone number listed on their website.  Alternatively, you can send them an email; the email address is also listed on the website.

Large enough for all guests

No matter how many guests you have invited for your wedding ceremony, Texas hill country wedding venue can host them all. The wedding venues at this outlet are available in different categories and there is always something for everyone. If you have invited just few number of people, you can easily find a venue too host them. If you have many guests, on the other hand, you can also trust in Paniol Ranch to provide adequate space too host them all.  You will undoubtedly not regret patronizing this outlet for your wedding ceremony.

Enjoy enthralling music, fun chat with favorite Hindi celebrities with No. 1 Yaari Jam

Music says what words can’t!Music is the only thing that hits us, and we feel no pain. We love how there is a song for every mood, every momentand every relation.Perks of Bollywood music! But the magic of music does not just end here. Now the musicians, singers, and songwriters have come together to take us into the world behind the music recordings, with leading Hindi celebrity talk shows – No 1 Yaari Jam.

McDowell’s No.1 Soda along with Star Bharat launched a brand new show No1 Yaari Jam which is hosted by two famous musicians Salim Merchant and AnushkaManchanda. If you love Bollywood and its unique music then this show is definitely for you. The show is a treat to Bollywood buffs and music lovers as you will see celebrity singers and musicians sharing the couch, engage in conversation, andenjoy fun games.Fans get the sneak peekbehind the scenes as the celebrities unveiling the fun journey from strangers to becoming friends and friends to yaars i.e. best friends. Listening to your favorite singers and musicians unplugged is such a pinnacle.

The hosts Salim and Anushka take you to the cozy and casual setting that feels as if you have entered an artist’s jamming room. Each episode has a celebrity pair and real-life yaars sharing breezy memories and having fun time on-screen. Keep listening as they might reveal each other’s secrets you havenever heard before. The show so far rocked with pairs like Sunidhi Chauhan & Shreya Ghoshal, Amitabh Bhattacharya, and Amit Trivedi, andJonita Gandhi andHarshdeep Kaur among the others. The show went live on December 30 on Star Bharat and Viu app with Shaan&Sonu Nigam happily jammingon the first episode.

Host Salim engages guests in a humorous conversation and encouragesthem to reveal the powerful friendship bond sneakily getting out their secrets and fun moments of their yaari. Anushka takes over the game hosting where our guests leave no chance to ‘roast their dost’.

No 1 Yaari Jam no doubt is one of theunique Hindi musical shows online, which shouldn’t be missed by music lovers. Listening to your favorite celebrities unplugged is as much a treat and musicians bickering on-screen and enjoying fun games with their yaarsis just as refreshing. This popularHindi reality showfocuses the powerful bond of yaari in this modern era encouraging viewers for self-expression and self-discovery with its theme.The show isareal treat as fans enjoy the unique pairs jamming together for the first time. Raftaar and King of Rap Bohemia jamming together with Salim was definitely the highlight of the show.Watch No 1 Yaari Jam Hindi celebrity talk shows online on Youtube and Viu app.