Avoid These Common Mistakes For Your Wedding

Weddings can be a big blunder if you don’t take care of every aspect precisely. Even though it is your Wedding Musicians & Artists who pick the tracks and playtime for the songs, but there are some things that you can do to make sure that your guests don’t regret coming to the wedding. So, here is a list of common mistakes that you need to avoid in order to make sure that your special day is also memorable for others.

1: Play The Songs That’s Guests Would like to Hear:

It’s obvious that every guest that you have at your wedding is the ones you already know. Therefore, it will be better if the bride and groom finalize the playlist that will entertain the guests while they attend the wedding. The wedding theme and party reflect your taste and music throw light at them. Therefore, you need to pick the music that your guest would like to hear.

As the night goes on, everyone feels tired by the end and it is music that brings back the energy. So, play your jam smartly and pick the songs that make everybody dance on the beats.

2: Never Switch From One Genre To Another Abruptly:

Just think like this that you are dancing on one song and the DJ changes the song abruptly. It will make you angry as your flow gets disturbed. What if this happens to the bride and groom as they haven’t selected the song they are going to dance on? It will feel awkward and embarrassing for both of them. That’s why it is recommended to find a DJ who knows how to read the crowd and make them dance on his/her beats.

play Acoustic music for Weddings

3: Don’t Stick To One Genre:

Change is a must at parties. If you stick to the same genre throughout the night, people will only get bored. The key to change the songs is to know how to make the transition from one genre to another. Your guests will be of all age groups and if you stick to the same thing, one of the age groups will feel left out. So, don’t make this mistake and suggest some cross-generation hits to keep everyone in action.

4: Decide Your Play & Do Not Play List:

Sit down with your partner and make a list of the songs that either you or your partner like or dislike. The ones you like will be the common songs that will overwhelm you during the ceremony. The ones you dislike will be banned from your wedding completely.

5: Consider Lyrics of the Songs Too:

When you play Acoustic music for Weddings and Corporate events professionally, you get the chance to experience some very awkward and inappropriate moments of other’s life. So, before you put a song on your wedding playlist, listen to the lyrics as weddings are a family event.

Knowing what to play and when to play is something Tillee Music Artists are expert at. Don’t forget to give the job to someone who knows how to handle the crowd.

Best Venue to Host Your Wedding In Texas

Best Venue to Host Your Wedding In Texas

Weddings are very important celebrations and must be organized in such a way to leave a lasting memory on everyone that attend the wedding ceremony and on the couple.  Things even get better if you host the event at Texas hill country wedding venue. The three most important days in the life of a man are the day he was born, the day he gets wedded and the day he dies.  Among these three most important days, you will only be actively involved in your wedding day. Consequently, you should make the most of this day so that the memory can remain green and impressive for many years to come.    One of the ways to make your wedding ceremony a memorable event is to host it at a top-notch wedding venue.

Perfect wedding host venue

Paniolo Ranch can provide you with that premier Texas hill country wedding venue where you can host your wedding in complete peace of mind and end up with one of the most memorable wedding experiences. There is no better way to transform your wedding to a fairytale than by hosting the wedding event at this venue.  You will never regret hosting your wedding guest here.

Texas hill country wedding venue

Take a tour ahead

Before the day of the wedding or even before you make up your mind about the venue for the wedding, you can come over to the Texas hill country wedding venue to make enquiry and also take a tour. This will give you an idea of what this wedding venue has to offer and you can then decide if there are adequate facilities on ground to host that wedding event. Be rest assured, however, that you will not be disappointed by the facilities available here.  They can serve you perfectly so that you can host your wedding event without any hitch whatsoever.

You can easily schedule a tour of the Texas hill country wedding venue from the website. All you have to do is to fill a short form provided on the website; you can also give the customer care agents a call via their phone number listed on their website.  Alternatively, you can send them an email; the email address is also listed on the website.

Large enough for all guests

No matter how many guests you have invited for your wedding ceremony, Texas hill country wedding venue can host them all. The wedding venues at this outlet are available in different categories and there is always something for everyone. If you have invited just few number of people, you can easily find a venue too host them. If you have many guests, on the other hand, you can also trust in Paniol Ranch to provide adequate space too host them all.  You will undoubtedly not regret patronizing this outlet for your wedding ceremony.

Four Trends For Grooms He Will Actually Want To Wear

The basic fact is that groom’s attire should corelate with the bride’s wedding costume in design and color. Every groom conceptualizes himself as the dream man for the bride. For this he wants to look the most handsome man of the day. However, the inclination of the people around the groom put the spotlight on the bride and groom’s attire is considered as boring. Things have changed now the present-day groom’s analysis and practice trend-based dresses for the wedding day. Charming and sophisticated fashion-conscious boys are catching up with fashion trends through unconventional avenues. Differently styled their wedding dress looks debonair. The choice is between ready-to-wear, designer dress or personalized tailored attire.

In Indian scenario sherwani’s and kurta’s look refreshing are in vogue.  The opulence of brocades, prints and embroidery brings out the handsomeness of the groom. Gross texture brings out the majestic appeal of the garment. A scaly or contrasting inner lining or front open jacket sherwani or kurta is the refreshing recent bearing.  The addition of different offbeat pastel colors makes the outfit impressive. This attire is incomplete without discrete floral safa which also comes in geometric shape and a coordinating pocket square.  The whole attire makes good presentation. Crazy bright colors on safa look appealing. The alluring accessories like lapel pins and brooches added to the smartness of the clothing.  Attractive sherwani metal as well embellished buttons appeal. Some prefer to dress up in Pathani coat.


Suits and tuxedo are also preferred as wedding dress. It makes the groom look handsome. Slim fit suit is a tailoring style. The coat is accompanied with muscle-fit shirts. The color range is electrifying. In metros the suit can be hired or purchased. The online ordering service will help grooms living in smaller towns. The brides brighten up when they get a glance of their husband all suited and booted at the aisle. These are within budget. The suit goes well with a matching tie. The whole dress is sleek as well as sensuous.  Accompaniment of light jacket is arousing. These can even be worn in summer months.

There are cosmopolitan and cultured complexes as wedding venues in Gurgaon. Incorporated in it are hotels, banquet halls, lawns, gardens, palaces and farmhouses. A wedding is a luxury experience here in the spacious surrounding. The calmness and tranquillity make the functions a memorable one.  It looks like a cinematic affair. Book well in advance to avoid disappointment. The theme of the marriage goes with the attire of the couple’s dress.

Navy blue or royal blue in dull or bright shade is never out of fashion color as groom’s attire. It is prototypal, chic, and timeless. The color is associated with youthfulness. It goes with several color ties including yellow.

Checks are also in vogue. It looks relaxed, bright and striking. The is available in different thickness so goes in all seasons. It can be a checked linen or tweed. A lot of patterns and hues are available in this range. A waistcoat goes well with it.

What to Consider Before Hiring Hummer Limo

What to Consider Before Hiring Hummer Limo

Your wedding day should be as colorful as possible. Everything you can do to make that day a memorable one should be done. There are three very important days in the life of a humanand these are, the day you were born, the day of your wedding and the day you die. Among these three days, theonly day in whichyou’reactively involved is the day of your wedding.  Consequently, you should make themost of this day. One of the best ways to add color to that day is by patronizing outletsoffering stretch Hummer limo hire.

There are many outlets out there today, but not all can be trusted to deliver on their promises. In this write-up, you will be given a couple of tips that can help you make the right decision when searching for the right outlet to hire a stretch Hummer limo for your wedding

Is it affordable?

Before you patronize that outlet for the Hummer limousine, find out how affordable the service is. The best way to decide on affordability is to make a list of all the outlets offering this service in your locality and list their prices against their names. Pick out the ones with the most affordable prices among them. Do you plan to hire the limo for reasons other than wedding, like a night out, airport journey or business trip? This strategy can alsohelp you to get the best deal off the hire. How much do they charge per hour or per mile? You should also consider this point before you patronize that outlet for stretch Hummer limo hire.

hummer limousines for weddings


Check also for the measure of convenience offered by the outlet. For one, do they also provide a driver along with the limo? How professional is the driver? Furthermore, find out if the limo hired from them always arrives at the designated location on time. Do they allow their clients to hire Hummer limo from them via the internet? Some outlets renting out hummer limousines for weddings also provide mobile apps via which the client can place an order for the limo. With the aid of the mobile app, you will not have to leave the comfort of your home before you can hire the limo.

How classy is it?

Before you patronize the outlet, find out about the quality of the limo on hire at the outlet. Are their Hummer limousines functional, serviceable and responsive? Does it look as impressive as you expect? Is it well maintained and does it look sparkling clean? These are just few of the many features to consider before patronizing the outlet for stretch Hummer limo hire.

Read reviews

The reviews can give you an idea of what to expect from an outlet renting out Hummer limousines for wedding. Do not forget to read up reviews about that outlet as this will hint you about how reliable or otherwise the outlet is. The reviews are usually written by the past clients of the service provider and you can use the details in the review to decide if you should patronize that service provider or not.

Best Wedding Planner in Town

Hiring professional wedding planner will make the wedding planning process smoother and simple. The experienced wedding planner has in-depth knowledge about the wedding industry. They have contact with the various vendors which include flower arrangers, venues, DJ and caterers. The wedding planner helps in taking off the burden from the bride and groom. It is the best way to enjoy the wedding ceremony without stress. The Westmount Country Club is the leading agency of wedding planner and has more than 50 years of experience. Their expert team helps you in finding the best wedding venues in NJ.

The professional wedding planner pays attention to every single detail and makes your wedding ceremony worth remembering. They hear about your vision of dream marriage and convert that dream into reality with their ideas and experience. The wedding planner gives valuable advice that is best for your ceremony and work according to your requirements and wants. Hire the professional wedding planner will take care of everything in the wedding ceremony, and you don’t have to worry about sounds, music, and light. Enjoy your big day with friends and your loved ones. They also work according to your budget and never cross the limit of your budget.

Looking for the best wedding venues in NJ, then don’t go away from Westmount Country Club. They have experienced wedding planner who has in-depth knowledge about the location and venues in NJ. The wedding planners have great ideas and inspiration for the wedding ceremony. They take care of all pre-wedding functions and serve the delicious food to your guest.  In their cuisine there are many unique dishes, and they start with serving the sparkling champagne to the guests. The hiring of wedding planner means you don’t have to hassle or run for making the arrangements. The professional will take care of all your requirements and wants.

Wedding planners have the expert team of planning, coordinating and executing the entire wedding ceremony. You can easily hire professional wedding planners from Westmount Country Club and enjoy the wedding stress-free. Their expert planners will save a lot of your time and effort during the wedding ceremony. It also helps you in saving the money, because the professional wedding planners have contact with the various vendors. Moreover, you will get the chance of a discount because of their connections. The wedding planner will guide you, give suggestion to you and also help you in taking the right decision. You can tell them about your design and style which you are planning for your wedding ceremony. They will show you the best wedding venues in NJ and you can choose a venue according to your choice.

Why Live Music Is Most Important For Any Wedding?

Everyone loves house parties but seldom can one live musicians playing in those parties. Except The street entertainers that one can find in the subways, one does not get to listen to many live musicians. One can hire live musicians from their website to perform the music one chooses and this will make one’s day spectacular and special as one wants their day to be especially when it comes to wedding. Wedding is the most important, special and extraordinary day of one’s lives and nothing makes it more memorable and grand than one’s favourite songs played by a live band as their wedding music.

Although people live in a do it themselves world but connecting iPod to a sound system and playing one’s favourite song during the wedding is no replacement for live band music when one’s beloved is walking down the aisle in a beautiful dress. The experience of a live band on their wedding day is not something one can forget in their lives. The job of live musicians is not to just come on the wedding day, eat food, sing some songs and go home instead they put a lot of hard work on coming out with the best processionals for one’s wedding music and they curate the best dance list so guests are driven to dance all night long on one’s wedding, thus creating a beautiful memory and experience not just for the bride and the groom, but also for all the guests.

One great benefit of a live music than preplaced music by DJ is that not only it’s so much more elegant but if somethings like flower girl got distracted and messed up the timing of ones processional etc. musicians with eyes and ears can adapt and slow the music instead of whole of the moment getting screwed up if it was anything else instead of live music. Besides nothing begins the beautiful moment of bride walking down an aisle than the officiant announcing to please rise. No one knows which music is better for which type of wedding than the musicians.

They know if there is a barn wedding which songs to play and which songs not to play. Acoustic guitar and soothing violin is what musicians generally offer at such type of weddings. For the cocktail hour, nothing creates the lively atmosphere more than a smooth live jazz music. One simply have to go to the website and tell their preferences rest all the hard work and headache of timing and everything will be managed by the musicians so one can concentrate on other aspects of the wedding.

Nothing starts a party than a group of musicians already partying in a reception. Eye contact is so important and musicians communicate with the crowd with their eyes. Getting live band musicians for the wedding music or reception music is a much better investment than any other thing in the wedding. Most live bands can play anything from Indie rock to pop to hip-hop, there is no genre or song that a live group of musicians is not able to play.

THE WILLOWS: The Best Events Venue in Melbourne

Are you looking for the best venue for your wedding? A couple’s wedding is one of the most important events in their lives. And finding the best venue is very challenging. If you are from Melbourne, you know that one of the places to hold a wedding or any event would be “The Willows”. This is one of the best venues for weddings, corporate events and even parties.

            In 2012, Aaron and Estelle Lewis acquired this venue and has made a name for this venue for years. With their expertise in this line of business and their love for fine cuisine, this has made The Willows bloom even until now. You can go ahead and check this link to know more about what they can offer.

The Willows Team

            In every successful business, there’s a team of hardworking people behind it. With The Willows, the team who has made every event a success are constantly learning along the way to provide their customers the best experience that they can never forget.

  • The Chef. Aaron has 25 years of experience on his back when it comes to hospitality. He was trained and groomed in New Zealand where his love for food lead his way to five-star hotels locally and internationally. The amazing food that The Willows serve its customers are one of the reasons why this is the best choice for a wedding.
  • Best Customer Service. Estelle is well-versed when it comes to corporate HR which is the reason for the expansion and growth of The Willows. Estelle has grown a love for wonderful events. She is the person behind the best workforce and has trained her people patiently.

  • The Best in Sales and Operations. Bridee McMahon is the head of the sales and operations team that is also the reason for the success of The Willows. Without an expert like McMahon, The Willows wouldn’t have survived the pressure of this industry. She has an impressive background and has worked for Comme, Red Scooter and Encore.

Your Wedding At The Willows

            There’s nothing like the weddings held at The Willows. Here, you get to have a new experience with the best ambiance for every ceremony. The venue has elegant architecture and a unique style that will surely make your big day extra special.

  • The Venue. There are indoor and outdoor spaces that you can choose from, depending on your preference. This is the perfect venue for either small or big wedding.
  • The Wedding Service. The Willows has a wedding specialist who can guide you all the way through. You will be assisted in choosing the best venue for your big day. There’s no limit in your guests since it can accommodate any size of an event.
  • The Menu. Fine dining is the best feature of The Willows. With the best chef in town, you are surely gonna be surprised at the sophistication when it comes to food and wine service. They have a signature wedding menu that offers a wide selection depending on your culinary preferences.

So what are you waiting? The Willows is all about the experience. Here, you will surely experience the best wedding of a lifetime. If you want to spend your big day somewhere special in Melbourne, The Willows is the best choice for you.

Essentials Points To Consider Before Buying Wedding Dress

Marriage is one of the most important and ceremonial occasions in anyone’s life. This is the reason; the brides especially, always tend to get wedding gowns that can suit their joys and emotions. But buying it is not that easy as it seems.

Women get a lot of suggestions from others regarding their wedding gowns and eventually feel lost while buying the same. But here are some easy tips that can help you while buying floral wedding dresses or any other kind of gown.

Do Some Research by Yourself

Your well-wishers can always give you various tips about your wedding gown but it is you who will be wearing it on the big day. Hence, you must do some research to make sure what type of gown you would buy to suit yourself.

Read some good magazines that offer a proper insight about wedding dresses, especially gowns. There are many websites on the internet that are all about wedding dresses.  You can go through these websites also to buy the best suitable gown for you.

Don’t Fall for Discounts

While researching, you can get information of many shops that will be offering impressive discounts on floral wedding dresses and other kinds of wedding dresses. But most of the times, these dresses don’t match the expectations of the buyers, rather disappoint them in many ways.

As a wedding dress becomes a treasured item to all, you can think of getting it stitched from a professional tailor who has good experience in offering tailor-made wedding dresses. This way, you can get a chance to choose the fabric and discuss the cuts and frills with the tailor to get an exclusive wedding gown made.

Be Careful About Fitting

You may have a particular dress in mind. But if the fitting goes wrong on the final day, it can disappoint you majorly. To avoid the very scenario, you can think of getting the readymade dress modified by a professional tailor.

You can discuss with your tailor to add designer accessories to it if you please. If you don’t want to mess with the dress a little also, then you can get into a shape so that the dress can suit you properly.

Check Your Budget Properly

It is true that wedding dresses are costly. However, as they mark the special day of people in a significant way, people don’t feel bothered about the price that much. But still, it is never acceptable to pay an absurd price to the shop owners for the very item.

If you have a fixed budget for the gown, you can stick to it. But you must always be prepared to go a little high above your budget if you feel like depending on the quality of the dress. Many shops can quote you absurdly for floral wedding dresses, but your personal research can get you an idea to pay for the dress wisely.

There are many shops and online stores these days that can offer you an extensive range of wedding gowns. But you can always go with the good old tailor-made gown to avail great fitting as well as a budget-friendly quote.

Things to know about wedding photography as a bride

The wedding day is special for both the groom and the bride but for the bride, it is a little more special because it is the day she gets to fulfil her princess dreams. Let us face it, women are a little more emotional about their wedding and take more pains to look their best on the day. There is no gender bias here but definitely, it is the bride who owns the day more than anyone else. When it comes to photography, every bride wants to look special and that is why, they should know a thing or two about wedding photography. You can even to talk to your nj wedding photographer.

Notable points about wedding photography for brides

Experience is the key: Remember, the more skilled your photographer is, the better will be your memories of the day. So, get a wedding photographer who has the experience and skills. Go to the website of the photographer to find what works he has taken up in the past. Also, try to book the photographers a little early because reputed photographers may not be available on your D-day.

Relax: Getting ready for the wedding is a special moment for the bride. These moments are amongst the best ones in the day and will form a part of your cherishing memory. So, ensure that there is no chaos. Instead of getting all your friends in the room, just having two or three people in the room will be good as there will be less clutter and confusion.

Things to know about wedding photography

Less fuss about the dress, the better photographs will be: Yes, your wedding dress is special and you have spent a lot of time on it in the selection, alteration and so on. But it is going to be dirty and messy in a long day. If you are going to be very conscious about it, the stress will show in the photographs. Anyway, nobody looks at the bottom of the dress to see if it is clean or dirty. So, move around, go along with what the photographer says and just enjoy the photography. Let a bridesmaid come with you so that she can carry the train. That is all. Your nj wedding photographer will get to shoot some great pictures if the bride is happy and carefree.

Let the poses be more natural: As a bride, you can put your list of posed shots but do not be adamant about it. May be, you may not get all the decided shots. You can leave this to the photographer because they know what shots will look good and what not. In a wedding album, if you have noticed, the best shots are those unplanned, at the moment pictures. Posing with the wedding cake is a great shot but laughing whole-heartedly when a piece of it falls on your groom’s suit is a far better picture, don’t you agree? Go with the flow and just enjoy the day, each moment, for, before you realize, they will go away.

Tips for Choosing Right Ring for Wedding

Tips for Choosing Right Ring for Wedding

Choosing your dream wedding ring is a complex task. Now that your engagement is nearer and if you are looking for buying a classic and attractive ring, then you have come to the right place Choosing wedding ring is not a big deal. However, choosing the ring that suits you is very much important for a marriage. Finding the right kind of metal is crucial when buying wedding rings. This is because there are some metals which may tend to become allergic upon continuous usage. There are some other kinds of rings that tend to lose radiance after few years of usage. Hence, one must be careful in choosing the best ring that fits your requirement and taste.

Titanium Wedding Rings

Among different kinds of wedding bands that are spread online, titanium bands are always unique and classy. These hand-crafted wedding bands come in various designs that look elegant and decorative. Titanium serves as an ideal metal when it comes to jewelry. This metal offers scratch proof resistant and known to be a lightweight metal. This metal is known for being durable, strong and possesses biocompatibility. Very few people know that Titanium has health benefits by maintaining balance in the body. It is also considered affordable when comparing other metals. Thus, there are several titanium wedding bands that are available online with various wedding band designers. One must be careful in choosing the right quality of wedding band for the perfect wedding.

titanium wedding bands

Tips for Wedding Rings

To guide you better on the wedding rings, here are some of the tips that you can rely on for buying wedding bands.

  • Choose Right Metal-This should be the primary focus for a couple who wish to buy wedding rings. The metal you choose should be comfortable and at the same time look stylish and elegant. Some metals may be cost effective while some others are costly with intrinsic patterns.
  • Go Unique- Surprise your friends, nears, and dears by going for unique wedding rings that are rare in collections. Make your wedding ring to be the talk of the town by choosing a dashing ring for your wedding.
  • Fix Budget- You may dream big and tend to lose your heart when looking on to different kinds of rings. However, not all the rings fit into your budget. Hence, make sure to choose a ring that satisfies your heart and saves you money.

2 Carat Wedding Rings

Sparkling diamond and gold is always a treat to watch. When you look for wedding bands embedded with gold and diamonds, it gives a pleasing look with an extraordinary finish. 2 carat engagement rings give smooth and lustrous feel when worn in fingers. In general, an engagement ring is a promise of marriage. It symbolizes a lifelong relationship between a man and a woman. It is also believed to be a formal agreement of marriage. Thus, if you are wishing for an elegant and valuable wedding ring, then 2 carat rings are the best choice. It wins the race among the other categories of wedding rings.