Singer turned Actors you might not know

Singer turned Actors you might not know

Music and cinema have always been like the two sides of the same coin. Without the aspect of music in cinema, it becomes a very melancholic and boring deed at the end of the day.

Celebrity lives take up a lot of coverage on social media, especially websites like that take a lot of pride in what they cover about most famous people from around the world.

 Therefore, here we bring to you some famous singer, who have, with the passage of time, given in to their acting instincts and joined the world of cinema.


Every teen in the world, who has gone through a rebellious phase in hs life, has listened to the brilliant works of Eminem. But the Rap God, as famous a rapper and singer he may be, also gave in to his love for cinema, and was seen in the high class, award winning drama 8 Mile. His film career might not have been long, but it was definitely worthwhile, with fans from all over the world going crazy at his performance.

Will Smith


Surprised to find her name on this list? Well you shouldn’t be, given the brilliant performances given by the singer in the movies she starred. The Work hit maker was a part of the original cast in two very famous movies: the Battleship as well as Ocean’s Eight. And what’s more, RiRi was totally rocking in both the roles that she portrayed, giving belief to a lot of fans that there is more to her than just making blockbuster music in the recording studio.

Queen Latifah

This dusky beauty lights up the screen every time she comes up on the stage, and rightly so.  The start began her career as a rapper, but showed everyone in the music industry, as well as Hollywood that she can do anything she sets her mind to, like star in an Oscar-winning movie like Chicago.

Will Smith

Most people wouldn’t know this, but Will Smith, or the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, before joining the leagues of big movie stars and doing films like Men In Black, got his start in the music industry as a fellow rapper with his producer and rapper best friend DJ Jazzy Jeff.

Justin Timberlake

This singing sensation, apart from giving hits like his recent song Can’t Stop the Feeling, also tries his hand at acting in movies every once in a while.  Mot people wonder, is there anything in the world that he cannot do? For all those who don’t know, the Social Network star is also a designer/activist apart from dribbling with his singing and acting talents. A true renaissance man!

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