Here’s why you should play music online

Do you have data on your phone and need to lift your spirits? You could play songs online for an instant stress buster.

Numerous studies and research papers have established the link between music and human emotions. Whatever music you listen to triggers some sort of emotion in you, be it elation or sadness. Music has the capacity to go deep into your soul and bring tears to your eyes, or make you break into a dance, or even get into a really dreamy, romantic state.

But you cannot always cart your music player and CDs along – and what is this, 1999? In the digital age, it is much more practical and trendier to play songs online than to record them on disks or record them on your computer. Just tap on a music streaming app and start online song playing, wherever you may be. It’s called online streaming, and it’s the millennium’s most practical solution in terms of having portable music.

What is online song playing?

  • Playing songs online, or online music streaming is a process wherein you play audio files on your phone without downloading these files.
  • This stream is allowed with the help of an interface provided by a good online streaming app. You can pick and stream the music files on your phone whenever you want, i.e. in real time. The music is transferred to your phone or digital device in the form of small ‘packets’ of data.
  • The online music streaming app has a variety of songs spread across time frame and genres. You can pick your favourites after browsing through the selection, tapping on it to start replay and listen to the songs of your choice.
  • All you need is a phone, sufficient data or access to Wi-Fi/broadband, and good sound output (via the phone’s speaker or headphones).
  • Download a good music streaming app on your phone to get started. Most apps are free to use, while others might charge a nominal monthly subscription fee for music that is available exclusively on their platform.

Why online streaming is a really good idea

When you play songs online, you don’t need to save them on your phone or download them on any device. You can just plug and play the app, and listen to online songs whenever you want. All you need is a working Internet connection and good amounts of data on your phone.

You can replay the same songs over and over on loop. It is always better to do online song playing on your phone because there is not much needed by way of sound input and output paraphernalia. Whereas when you play music on your computer, your computer requires a working sound card, sound software (like iTunes or Windows 10 Music Player), and speakers.

Just ensure that your network connectivity is spot on – if the network is patchy, then the stream will stop midway and buffering will discontinue. This hampers the listening experience.